Case studies

Dome Solar's ability to simplify life for installers

Working in the agricultural sector means that Solewa, a solar panel installation company, often fixes solar panels onto the roofs of buildings that house livestock.

“Cows need light, and the windows that provide it are typically placed on roofs,” says Laurent Baillet, CEO of Solewa. We need to ensure the most efficient distribution of solar panels across the surface of the roof. But the sometimes tricky positioning of multiple skylights can mean more complex planning is required.

Fortunately, Dome Solar has built a technical team to advise clients on less straightforward installations. This expertise in solar panel mounting is crucial to a project’s success.

Firstly Dome Solar carries out a feasibility analysis to determine a roof’s suitability for solar panel mounting. Next, a detailed plan shows where to mount the rails, brackets and panels. This means at Solewa we can optimise our use of equipment and save time in planning and execution. Dome Solar responds quickly, again ensuring clients do not waste precious time and man-hours.

“Dome Solar’s team of solar panel mounting experts is extremely reactive to customer demands,” says Mr Baillet.

About Solewa:

Solewa, founded in 2006, operates in Western France from Normandy in the north right down to Bordeaux in the south. Solewa installs solar panels on projects that range from 36KW watts to 250KW in several sectors, including industry and agriculture. Solewa has carried out over 800 installation projects for its clients.

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