Fibro-Solar, system for mounting photovoltaic panels on fibre cement roofs

The patented Fibro-Solar system is designed for mounting photovoltaic panels onto corrugated fibre cement roofs (support for photovoltaic panels).

Technical details:

  • New roof or renovation projects (not asbestos), full or partial roofs
  • Corrugated fibre cement roofs
  • Optional: Module Grounding Connector (MGC), Ground Rail Connector (GRC), cable guide and Terragrif™


  • Directly fixed to the purlin / high resistance
  • Simplified installation with clip-on clamps
  • Easy grounding
  • Premium components (aluminium and stainless steel)
  • Universal clamps
  • 2-way adjustment and alignment
  • Robust, durable solution

The Fibro-Solar solution is installed by simply clipping the clamp onto the rail. The system is easily earthed due to the length of the rail along the slope.

The system is directly fixed onto the purlin to distribute the load over the construction in order not to damage the fibre cement.

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