Fibre cement roofs

Fibre cement roofs

Dome Solar designs, manufactures and markets simplified building-integrated, photovoltaic module mounting systems for fibre cement roofs, for professional installers.

Fibre cement roof characteristics

Fibre cement is widely used by roofers. Whereas old constructions (before 1997) carried the risk of asbestos, that is no longer the case on recent buildings.

Economic and easily malleable, fibre cement roofs are however very fragile and require expertise and tailor-made techniques.

Tailor-made systems for professional installation on buildings with fibre cement roofs

Dome Solar proposes a simplified building-integrated photovoltaic module mounting system for fibre cement roofs:

  • Fibro-Solar: photovoltaic module mounting system for fibre cement roofs

This Dome Solar system fastens directly to the purlins in the building, so the load is supported by the structure and not by the fibre cement.

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