Steel metal roofs

Steel metal roofs

Our professional solar panel mounting systems have been specially designed for each type of roof. This means they are perfectly tailored to the waterproofing element they are fastened to, such as steel trays.

The special features of steel tray roofs

Steel tray roofs are made of profiled steel panels and are often used in the construction of industrial and farm buildings.

Dome Solar mounting systems for steel tray roofs

Specialist in solar panel mounting systems Dome Solar has developed specific solutions for easy integration of photovoltaic panels on a steel tray roof:

Ital-Solar: mounting system for steel tray roofs with purlin fastener

EB-Solar: mounting system in landscape mode for steel tray roofs
RB-Solar: mounting system in portrait mode for steel tray roofs

The Ital-Solar solar panel mounting system fastens directly to the purlins of the building. Rails are screwed into the deck to avoid any additional perforations. We thereby reduce the risk of water infiltration, promoting optimum waterproofing of the roof.

With this mounting procedure, loads applied to the photovoltaic system are supported by the building structure. This guarantees performance under even the most difficult of conditions.

EB-Solar and RB-Solar solar panel mounting systems fasten to the deck. Simple and economic to install, they provide a quality solution at a competitive price.

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